Can Dogan is an abstract-expressionistic artist.

The learned  Paint Laboratory Technician was always an passionate artist. His path started with paper, then glas and now its paint on wood. His career with glas engravings flourished fast and he soon was well known and even worked with companies as big as "riot games".
Nowadays he chose paint on wood as his main canvas and again made a huge step for his career. He uses film applicators instead of brushes to create abstract paintings. Twombols creates draw-downs that are one of a kind. They turn out this special because he combines the knowledge, skills and equipment of a paint laboratory technician with the creativity, passion and curiosity of an artist.

Twombols calls this new style "abstract micro expressionism". 
Lacquered MDF/HDF panels are coated with an Octoplex applicator. The paint has a layer thickness of 15 to 60 microns. In his job as Paint Laboratory technician this paint films are created so he can test and compare rheological and physical properties of paint. Think of spreading rate, hiding power, opacity and gloss.